📅 Épisode 41 publié le 11/01/2021

Sustainable development viewed from England

Nick Lewis

We switch to the other side of the Channel to talk to Nick Lewis who initiated the the-sustainable.dev website.

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Topics discussed:

  • Tell us more about of what you. What is your site the-sustainable.dev about and what do you aim to do with it?
  • in France, after 15 years of discussion on GreenIT, the subject is finally raising awareness and it’s accelerated recently about the environmental impact of the digital industry (the senate has talked about it, companies are pledging for a more sustainable digital industry). how do you see this as a developer in Bristol?
  • When we talk about sustainability, we also talk about ethical and social responsibilities, GDPR, accessibility. Our digital accessibility rules are not followed even by public websites. Do you see a growing concern amongst the clients you work with?
  • When you talk with other developers or people in the industry, do they see a trend to be more aware of those subjects?
  • Let’s focus on what a developer can do: how do you see the impact of a developer on the lifecycle of a digital product or service? From strategy/design to end of life
  • Measuring is a key subject at the moment. We can’t know that we improve if we don’t measure. Few companies are actually investing in lifecycle analysis of a digital service to see its real impact. what do you know of tools to measure the impact of a website?
  • What’s your next step as a sustainable dev or what do you see the dev community moving forward (in the UK and then anywhere else)?
  • How did you educate yourself on the subject?
  • How can we find you?


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