Sustainable IT: Natalie Hollier views on product teams, cloud and IT for Green

Episodes > published on 13 Apr 2021

Natalie Hollier

Natalie Hollier

Natalie has been working in Digital Sustainability for a few years at ThoughtWorks, and recently joined Microsoft to work on Sustainability Product Innovation.


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What we talked about

In this podcast we learn about her career path in Product Development and Sustainability, and she talks about different strategies for Digital Sustainability.

Natalie has worked with teams moving to the Cloud. She talks about how the Cloud can help reduce the environmental impact of IT but customers need to be able to measure and track their digital footprint too.

As a Product Manager, she shares examples for how to design and measure products for Sustainability, and not only rely on offsetting emissions.

She talks about how IT solutions can help companies become greener across many industries, but we also need to balance the growing environmental footprint of IT particularly with AI/ML and blockchain.

Finally, she talks about her new role at Microsoft.

Find out more

You can follow her on Twitter or her website.

She follows the community Climate Action Tech.

She will speak in May at the conference Women In Cleantech And Sustainability.

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