📅 Épisode 53 publié le 12/07/2021

Introduction to Climate Justice

Yang Hong and Richard Kim

In this podcast, we talk and learn about Climate Justice with Richard Kim and Yang Hong from the community Work on Climate.

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Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • The “Work on Climate” community and its goal
  • The guide “Climate Justice 101” and the reasons for creating it
  • The different definitions of climate justice
  • The risk that technology perpetuates climate injustice
  • Intersectional environmentalism as an imperative to the fight against climate change
  • What we can do to integrate climate justice into our projects
  • Data justice and equity


On positionality and climate justice as a personal practice in community:

On data (in)justice and the dangers of uncritical tech and data in climate:

On the importance of intersectional climate justice:

Principles aligning across movements:

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